Homemade Pizza

We have learned to love homemade pizza because it’s so yummy and easy!  I use a pizza crust recipe that is mostly made in the my bread machine.  This is what makes it easy.  I use my bread machine often.  It’s my second favorite appliance (next to my instant pot of course).

Here is the bread machine pizza dough crust that I use:

Allrecipes.com Bread Machine Pizza Dough Recipe

I actually prefer a thicker crust so I use this as one crust instead of two.  Robert prefers thinner crusts so sometimes we do that.  So when I make two pizzas (or if we do small pizzas which we do sometimes), I make two batches.

This is what it looks like at the end of the dough cycle.

After it is finished in the bread machine, I turn it out onto my counter (I usually use a little flour and I didn’t this time so it was sticking a bit).

I use my amazing silicone rolling pin and roll it out into a circular shape (as best I can).  I use a brush a brush a little bit of olive oil onto the pan, place the rolled dough onto the pan, and poke holes with a fork.

I bake it for 5 minutes.  Then add toppings.

The sauce is something that I make myself, but I don’t have a good recipe at the moment (I just sprinkle things in).  These are the ingredients:

The kids’ favorite toppings are simple: sauce, mozzarella cheese, mini pepperonis, and black olives. We usually make a pizza with peppers, onions, mushrooms, etc as well.

Here’s the final product!

We make this almost every Friday night (or we do “finger foods”).  Friday night is our movie night!

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