Say Yes

My anxiety lies to me a lot. It tells me that I cannot handle adventures despite wanting to do them. It tells me to do anything to stay safe. It tells me to stay inside and do the things that I can control.

Unfortunately, all of this actually makes my anxiety worse.

What I NEED to do is… Get OUTSIDE. Do the hard thing. Get out of my comfort zone. Try new things. Decide what I actually like and don’t like instead of my listening to my anxiety.

Last week I told Robert that my plan and goal is to say yes more. This means that I will get outside more, do things that I have successfully avoided (like rock climbing and doing burpees haha), and travel more (as we can). This weekend we are going to Big Bend, and I’m pumped. Normally I wouldn’t go because we only have a weekend (not a long weekend or anything) and it’s not super close, but I need to go camping. NEED. Robert needs someone to at least belay him so he can climb, and it gives us a good chance to spend time together. I plan to do the Zip 3k this summer. We have been at camp for almost 7 years, and I have never done it. Maybe I will go repelling sometime. I will go to the river more than usual this summer. We have all of these amazing resources in our backyard, and I don’t take advantage of them enough.

I’m tired of sitting back and watching everyone else have all the fun. I only live once and I want to say that I did the things. I didn’t let my comfort zone, fear, lack of energy, or anything else hold me back.

I know that by doing the things, it will actually help my anxiety because I’m no longer sitting in it. I’ll truly be living life.

I can’t say yes to everything, but I will truly think things through before making a decision instead of just saying no by default. I say no a lot. Whether out loud or in my own mind/heart. I can’t wait to see where this will take me!

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