Happy and Content

It has been a long time since I have felt this way. I cannot put into words how I feel, but I will attempt to the best I can.

I’ve written my story on here before and don’t really want to go into a lot of detail. Let’s just say I resigned from my previous job for mental health reasons and it has been a huge blessing.

I started subbing at the kids’ new school this month thinking 2 or so days a week would be good. I actually thought that was all I could handle and that maybe I’m not meant to be a teacher again.

I went in to tell the principal that (and why) and left with a job offer to be the long-term sub for a kindergarten class that hasn’t had a teacher since about the middle of the year. They have just had subs rotating through. She told me that just because I’m doing this now doesn’t mean I would have to stay in kinder next year. She said that she tries to put people “in their wheelhouse.” I told her that was good because I wanted to teach older students.

I had NO idea that I would end up loving kinder as much as I do. Sure it’s the end of the year so they’re a little more mature than they will be at the beginning of the year, but it is so much different than teaching pre-k. More than anything, the school and environment is a 180 from my last experience. Or any experience really that I’ve had. It’s a special place.

I am wanted there. I am encouraged and supported. I haven’t experienced negativity and gossip. I am valued as a person and professional educator. The principal seeks my professional opinion and told me that the kinder kids will catch up quickly with how I’m doing things. The kids are amazing. I haven’t experienced many of the parents yet, but they are supportive despite the fact that their kids have had so many different teachers this year. I guess they’re probably happy to just have someone there the rest of the year. I feel super confident, and I know now that I know what needs to be done. I already know exactly why I’m there in this time for this purpose. And I know why I had to be at my old school (to learn a lot) and why I had to resign. It’s all so clear.

I’m at peace and feel joy.

I have applied to teach full time next year and have told the principal and superintendent that I would love to stay in kinder. I’m pretty sure that will happen but might not know for sure for a little while because they are in the process of hiring some new admin. I’m kind of sad because I love the principal, but she will be the counselor so I can still chat with her. I trust the superintendent to hire a great principal and assistant because he loves the district and wants it to thrive. It’s a special place to be.

I don’t regret being at my old school. I was put through a lot of amazing training that I can use in the new school. It also helps me appreciate what I have now, and what I hope to have moving forward. I learned recently that the issues that I had at the old school were NOT me. They were the school and town. It was a really toxic place to be. Very negative, constant gossip, staff being mean (to me and each other), being completely excluded (only had a few friends), wasn’t supported or encouraged, no admin follow-through, kids being bullied and nothing being done about it (including one of my kids), the academics were very low and behind, and I could go on and on. My new school is the complete opposite of all of this.

I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

Here are a few pics of my classroom (I don’t have that rug anymore because the previous teacher took it home).

I handed these out to the parents:

I LOVE my students already and have lots of big plans for the next two months! Then it’ll be summer and I’ll (hopefully) start planning for next year. We get a budget at the school (!!!) and have been working on what I’m going to request. Even if I’m not there, I want the kinder kids to have good things. I know that so many good things are to come!

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