Sharing Less

I recently decided to fast from social media and it has been so good for me. I created a Facebook account JUST to be in the Street Parking group and to follow our school district’s page. I have no friends on there. My main Facebook is deactivated, and I’m deleting my Instagram accounts. I will create one just for my nutrition coaching whenever I get that off the ground. This break has been so good for me. It has helped me see that I have spent way too much time on social media. I have been reading so much more lately. I finally finished a book that I started months ago and am working on the next book. I have spent more time working out. I had been making excuses and getting caught up in unimportant things. I have been keeping the house cleaner and keeping up with laundry (for the most part). I took Loki on a hike the other day, and I plan to do that more. It has been so beautiful lately, and Loki loves to be outside. I listened to an audiobook while I was hiking. It’s a really good one! It’s called Pax. It is a middle-grade fiction, and the whole time I was thinking about how to use it to teach (it’s how my brain works). It is full of figurative language. I’m going to start subbing this coming week (if I get a call!). This is going to be a positive experience, I can feel it.

I have also been sharing too much.

I’m an open book. I have had many people tell me how much that has helped them. But. It has hurt me too many times. I have decided that it’s not worth it anymore. I have made so many posts drafts and plan to keep it that way.

Instead of blogging about the heavy things in my life, I’m just going to do what any normal person would do: journal.

Things you will see on this blog: recipes, updates about our homestead (our chickens and my garden), Bible study stuff, meal planning & meal prep, grocery geek (I’ve been shopping from Misfits Market and will share about it soon), our adventures, positive updates about life, nutrition and movement stuff, book reviews (I’m really enjoying reading these days), and more. I’m going to keep it light and positive! I have so much good in my life, and I want to focus on it.

Spring is coming! I can feel it!

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