Trying a New Thing

Well, I started something new this week that I think will transform my life.

A friend of mine has been part of this program called Street Parking for over a year. She posts about it all the time, but I had no idea what it was. I knew it had to do with working out, and I knew that she seemed to LOVE it. I noticed a huge shift for her.

I’ve been talking with her about it for a few months but wasn’t sure I wanted to pay for something that I’m not sure I would like or use. I tried using My Fitness Pal’s workouts, but I never found a rhythm with them. Plus, there was no community aspect. I felt like I was in a rut with Balance 365 (great program, I just needed something new!).

I decided to go ahead and try Street Parking and see if it’s a good fit. It’s $20 per month and I can cancel at anytime. On top of that, I am doing a challenge that is happening in August for 4 weeks. It’s a team challenge, and I was put on Team El Gallo (rooster/chicken, which is fitting). There is also Team Paloma (dove) and Team Pato (duck).

There’s lots of fun smack-talk (it’s hilarious) and lots of team spirit. Like more than I could ever imagine. The goal is to work together to win, and you get a fun t-shirt as a reward.

The challenge is totally doable since I already do a lot of it. The new part for me is the Street Parking workouts. They are crossfit workouts (without the affiliation). I will say that I love that there are SO many options with the workouts and lots of modifications. But I did a workout the other day and did the majority of it! I guess the working out that I have been doing so far this summer has been building my endurance slowly.

I thought about doing their nutrition program but decided it was too restrictive for me. Besides, I know how to eat healthy. I just need to do it more consistently. I had an amazing nutrition day yesterday, and I want to keep it up! Planning and prep are KEY with nutrition. I have historically been pretty great at planning and prep but this year has thrown me for a loop, and I was eating out of convenience (and emotion) so much.

I really wish I could set up a workout spot in our garage, but it is so full. It’s just not a possibility.

I have a tiny office, but I tried to clear it out enough to have a small area to workout. I would love to get the desk and stuff out of here, but that’s not an option either. So I just did what I could. Ignore our terrible floor!

And lastly, I hung up my goals and my why, my plan, and graphics for nutrition. Those are from Balance 365! They are super helpful for planning meals.

I have consistently worked out for a while now, and I love that it’s becoming part of my day. I would like to add to it, but I’m happy with where I’m headed. I wanted to do a SP workout yesterday and didn’t end up doing it. I did hike, but I wanted to do a specific workout. I decided that in order to get it done today, I needed to seek out accountability. So, that’s what I did! I have someone who is going to check in with me later today.

School starts soon! I’m nervous about being really busy, but I also know that routine is necessary for my mental health. I’m teaching Pre-K now instead of upper grades, so it’ll be an adjustment. But I think it will be really good.

Before inservice, we are going to New Mexico on vacation. I cannot wait.

I’m so excited about where I’m headed!

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