Sneak Peek

I have wanted to write posts with recipes all year, and it just hasn’t happened. I have many pictures saved to show the final product but no process pics. I plan to use these, however, to create recipe posts. This blog is not a food blog. I just share my recipes because friends ask for them. I keep the recipes simple and there isn’t a way to print very easily because I don’t pay the hundreds of dollars to have that plug in. It just is what it is. I hope that the posts are helpful nonetheless. Below you will find the photos of what I will be sharing over the next few months. This isn’t everything but is a sneak peak.

Charcuterie/Finger Foods

Roasted Meat and Veggies

Burrito Bowls

Updates to Recipes


Instant Pot and Air Fryer

Other Random Foods

The first recipe that I will be posting is about my hamburger buns! They are amazing and I cannot wait to share.

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