Update on Our Homestead

I’ve been working hard on our homestead, and I want to show off what I’ve done so far! It has been a lot of fun. I’ve had to do a lot of the work myself because Robert has been out of town most of the month!

Last weekend, I put my garden beds together. Robert helped some, but I planned, cut the wood, and did a lot of the work of building them. I’m super proud of how they turned out.

I created a space under our porch out of some old chairs and tables that a neighbor was giving away. Now I can sit and enjoy my yard and chickens. Usually we can out on our porch, but it’s so high up that I don’t get to enjoy the yard much. And yes, our yard is very rustic. Lots of rocks and sticks and weeds!

Yesterday, I filled the beds with sticks/branches, straw, leaves, and shavings from my chicken pen that spent time on the ground for a long time. Then, I added lots of soil and compost and peat moss and mulch. I planted my transplants then filled the rest with seeds! I’m so excited to see how this turns out. I’m fully expecting it to not be perfect, but it’s a new process.

And lastly, the chicks are growing! These pics were taken over a week ago, so they have grown even more since. I have moved them to the garage and will be moving the four big ones out into their coop soon. They will spend a few weeks inside the coop until they KNOW that’s where they belong. Also, I want to slowly introduce the big chickens to them.

I cannot wait to start getting eggs from these beauties.

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