My Vision for 2021

I took this pic at Big Bend State National Park last year. I still adore it!

Gosh. I’m reluctant to even write this out because in the past when I’ve written out my vision or created a vision board, things didn’t exactly pan out the way I thought.

I have been coughing for so long that I have felt kind of stuck. I also just kept thinking that I would do this, this, or that when I had a treatment that helped me stop coughing, but I am tired of waiting.

Some new things are on the horizon, so I thought I’d share about them and my vision for what’s to come.

First of all, Robert has a new position at at camp which is a huge shift for our family. His schedule will now be a bit different (less regular), but I’m also super excited about pouring into his summer staff and those who come to guest guide for him (which are usually summer staff, but also some former full time staff).

The pleasant surprise of having a teaching job has been amazing and hard at the same time. I have learned so much this past semester about how to implement lessons the way they want us to, and I have realized that I already did a lot of the things that the coaches through the Region 15 Education Service Center taught us. Anchor charts, mentor texts, teaching in context, literature-rich, hands-on, and on and on. My teaching style fits perfectly into this. We were basically shown how to use the TEKS Resource Center which has our year-at-a-glance and teaching in the order in which the TEKS are there. Also, they showed us how to use all of the resources available but also told to be creative with how we teach things. This is all so new and amazing because in years past, I was told what and how we are supposed to teach things. I’m going to continue making this even better, and I hope that through the work that I have been doing, planning will become a little easier. My job brings me such incredible joy.

COVID has definitely added a thick layer of complication to the school year, and unfortunately, I am not sure if that will improve soon. The numbers every where are growing. But on the flip side, virtual is so hard. I’m not sure how things will go after Christmas break, but we’ll figure it out!

A few new things that I’m excited about:

Since becoming a teacher, the 25 pounds that I lost this year has started coming back as I’ve been so busy and eating because of the need for convenience and out of emotion. I’ve gained about 8 of those pounds back. I have zero problems with eating things that aren’t “healthy” in a balanced way, but if I’m eating these things all the time, that’s when it’s a problem. I also haven’t intentionally exercised in a few years. Thankfully, my daily movement has improved dramatically since I started teaching. I get about 6,000-7,000 steps in per day just by working. Sometimes more. But my lungs need more of a work out because it’s actually helpful for people with asthma.

I have been in the self-guided Balance 365 program since 2017. I have gained so much from the program including learning to love and celebrate who I am, look at my weight in a whole different light, how to implement habits, and I gained an amazing community. Unfortunately, the habits that I thought I had down kind of fell apart when I started teaching and I’ve had a hard time gaining momentum again.

I decided recently that I am going to do the coaching program that Balance 365 offers. In coaching there is a modified curriculum where the focus is on four habits. There is access to calls 5-6 days per week including with coaches, a food psychologist, and a body image therapist. There is a private podcast and three live workouts a week (which are recorded and uploaded to a workout library). And there is a private FaceBook group with others who are also in coaching.

The blonde woman in the middle (Jennifer Campbell) is my friend and co-founder of Balance 365. She is absolutely amazing and has taught me so much outside of B365. She has always been there even when I was distanced for a while. I’m super excited to support her program even more. The self-guided program was purchased for me by a stranger, but I’m going to be paying a small monthly amount to do the coaching. I cancelled our Hulu Live, and it’s about the same price so it makes me feel okay about it.

Lastly, I’m FINALLY going to be able to join our little gym in Rocksprings. I have wanted to for a long time but I wanted to be in a place to invest in myself. I’m ready. I am going to take it a step at a time (maybe 1-2 days per week), then I hope to join a group class cycle soon. We’ll see. I was planning to join the next cycle, then I decided that I need to take it a little slower.

Also! They are opening their coffee and smoothie shop at the end of January! I’m so so so excited about that. I will be spending a lot of time there.

Other than these things, I’m hoping to just focus on loving well, doing my job well, and taking one day at a time.

I love my little family and friends and class, and I hope to just continue becoming who I am meant to be. I feel that God always provides what we need.

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