I Still Believe

Photo by Aaron Burden from Unsplash

Now that I have gotten into a routine at school, I have decided to focus on treatment for my cough again.

I have been paying $357 a month for a treatment that is not really working. I tried it for months to see if it would work after spending some time taking it, but alas, it’s time to move on.

I adore my pulmonary nurse practitioner. He truly cares and is frustrated for me. He is digging to try to figure it out. I have had a gastric endoscopy, a nasal endoscopy, sinus CT, chest CT, two chest x-rays, a pulmonary function test, allergy testing, lots and lots of blood work, and probably more that I’m not remembering. I’ve also tried so many medications and none of them really touch it.

At this point, he’s wondering if I have Eosinophilic Asthma which is hard to treat. I have had elevated eosinophils multiple times. So I had blood work done to check those again and he has decided to try a different route for a steroid. I will start taking Albuterol then Budesonide (steroid) in my nebulizer twice a day. I’m continuing my Singulair and will be switching from Zyrtec to Claritin. I’m not sure if any of this will work, but I’m just glad that we are trying new things still and not giving up.

Despite my over three year struggle with whatever is going on in my body, I believe that God has a plan for it all. No matter the outcome. He has provided time after time in so many ways and I know this will work out for my good and His glory. I trust Him.

Today is a pretty calm day around the house. I have a little bit of work to do, but not much. I want to relax and get some things done that I have been wanting to get done for a while. I’m thankful that we actually did our weekend cleaning yesterday in anticipation of company.

Oh yeah- I am now mentoring a Walkabout again and I’m super excited about that! I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to be a part of the program this year, but God provided a way. I really like her and think we are a great pair.

Anyway… I’ll try to update more on here now that I’m getting into a routine! We’ll see :-).

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