Home Sweet Classroom

Home Sweet Classroom

This past week has been a whirlwind.  A week ago today I was really working out my anxiety about life, the next day I got an interview for a job (without trying).  I shared in my previous post about that.

I had that interview yesterday.

It went really well and was totally relaxed and felt so right.  That has literally never happened.  I did the interview with a handful of people, then I was told to walk across the road to the district office.

I waited and talked with the secretary for a little while, then the interim superintendent came in and said “congratulations!”  Apparently it was unanimous.

Working through the Imperfections

I had a kinda rough night last night for a few reasons, but the biggest is that I didn’t sleep much at all the night before so my anxiety was a bit high about something.  I decided today to remember that anxiety isn’t a bad thing and to just recognize it for what it is, take a step back, and move forward a little more slowly.  I’m in this for the long haul.

A friend of mine at the school reminded me last night to not “get burned out before I even start,” so I’m going to take that advice and be a little less obsessive about things.  She also said to “expect the unexpected” because this year will be nothing like before.  To just take one step at a time.  Another friend told me to just enjoy this excitement and to not worry too much about things.

Taking Things in Stride

So I did some shopping for classroom decor (yay!), started an Amazon wish list for people to buy things for my classroom (my cousins told me to do it), and I’ve been cleaning out and organizing my office and my closet!

Tomorrow I am going up to the school to sign all of my paperwork and see my classroom!

Then next Tuesday I am meeting with administration to discuss whether or not I should go to a training the next week + whether or not we should departmentalize (this was a source of anxiety for me last night, but I have decided not to let it cause that!).

Classroom Blog

The featured image here is the name of the new blog that I’m creating for my classroom!  When it is ready, I will share the link!

My goal is to create a home-like space for my students to be who they are, to have big conversations, to work through their struggles, to be celebrated, and to be loved.  I want them to feel at peace when they walk into my classroom no matter what has been going on at home.  I want them to know that despite how they do academically, they are known.  The name “Home Sweet Classroom” came so easily to me that I just assumed there was already a blog out there like it!  But nope!

I cannot wait to share more about all of this.  I feel that God hand-picked me for this and has been preparing me for it long before I ever knew it would be a thing.

I’m so grateful!

2 thoughts

  1. Congratulations Courtney!
    This is Rhonda Hill. I changed my name on Word Press becuase I just took the plunge to start blogging.
    Letting you know who I am.😊
    Looking forward to blog posts about your new job and classroom happenings!
    Best wishes again!🎉🎉🎉

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