Happy Things

wild flowers

I struggle with writing consistently these days.  I have been so incredibly busy with going to town all the time (and homeschooling in the midst), struggling (not always, though, now that spring is coming!), and honestly I haven’t really been on social media as much… still more than I “should,” but less.  I also tend to post things straight on Facebook instead of my blog because I find I don’t have many blog followers.  But.  I need to get out alllll of the things today!  So here we are.

drinking coffee

First things first.  I want to talk about the fun stuff happening!

We got our income tax refund this past week and it is always a glorious event.  We paid off a few debts, put money in savings, bought a good gun safe (this was important to Robert), and put a deposit on 1/2 a grass fed cow from my friend’s ranch.

I bought some natural/pastured pork and chicken and some wild caught salmon for our freezer also.  We’ll move these into our smaller freezer when we get our beef.  It’ll be several weeks, though.

pork, chicken, and fish

We’re planning on getting some baby chicks on Friday!  I have wanted chickens again for a long time, and it just hasn’t happened.  We have an old coop (that we got from friends) that Robert will do a bit of work on, and he will fence off part of the yard so that Loki doesn’t bother them.  But I’m super excited!

Baby chicks

We have needed a new rug for quite a while.  Ours is a bit torn up and when Loki was a puppy, he peed on it all the time so it’s just gross.  We bought it cheap when we moved here to camp and it’s not really our style anymore!  So we decided to get a new one!  The one I found fits us to a T.  We love it so much!


We also needed to either get another new couch or just cover the one we have.  It’s so torn up.  I found a really good quality cover on Amazon for a fraction of the price because the packaging is damaged.

couch cover

And just for fun, I ordered some pillow covers to go with our style.  We have 4 pillows that I plan to cover, but we may have to buy some plain pillows to stuff into them if ours don’t work.  We’ll see!

feather pillows

And for my favorite thing of the week… I FINALLY got my tattoo.  I have wanted this for years.  It hurt a lot (and is still pretty sore and tender), but it was totally worth it!  It took 2 1/2 hours!

tattoo process

tattoo 1

I picked this stuff up at HEB on clearance for $3.48!  It’s $24.99 on Amazon!  So of course, I got two.  Cause I have another tattoo in mind.

Green Goo

A little random, but it’s the little things… I got some new Camp Eagle swag!

CE Swag

And lastly… I did some organizing!  I organized all of our pantry foods, office, and office closet!

Office closet

I don’t know if you can tell… I’m feeling pretty great mentally right now.  Spring is coming!

My next post will be about my appointment with my chiropractor for nutritional counseling and adjustments, and what I have landed on in the area of my health!

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