Our Homeschool this Week: January 20-24th

Our Homeschool this Week

The past severals weeks haven’t gone “as planned,” but they were pretty great anyway.

I am reminded time and time again that simple is best.  Simple is how the kids learn best and it’s how I manage life best.  When I try to do too much, I am unable, and then I feel bad.  So here I am, continuing this work of keeping life and homeschooling simple! (how many times can I say that word?)

Here’s a rough outline of what our week will look like:

Morning Time (this will be all of us)


  • Brave Writer Arrow: The One and Only Ivan
    • Week two
      • Copywork
      • Dictation
      • Grammar: Present participles and gerunds
  • Daily Grams
    • Days 6-9
  • Chemistry, Harcourt textbook


  • Two “days” of science each day
  • IEW Fix-it Grammar, Week 3
  • Brave Writer Boomerang, Week 2 (finish)

All Kids

  • Independent reading, 30 minutes for boys/45 for Karis
  • Math- 1 lesson per day


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