Updated School Plans for January 6th-10th

Week of January 6th-10th

I wrote a general plan a while ago (way before Christmas).  I decided to write out a more detailed plan yesterday, so I thought I would share it!  Karis told me that she keeps forgetting to do some subjects, and she was thrilled that I typed out a plan for each day.  So I thought I would do that for myself and the boys as well.  The boys are not very independent, and I’m okay with that!  I truly love partnering with them in their learning.

As always, the plan is flexible.  We may not finish something that I have on the outline to finish.  I just like having a place to start.  I’m thinking that the BW Arrow for the boys might not get completed for week 1, but that’s okay.

Morning Time (all)

  • Art Appreciation- Watch Art Appreciation Workshop Video
    • Use strategies in art books
  • Creative Companion (art instruction and geography)
    • Monday- Lesson 3: Introduction to Pastels
    • Wednesday- Lesson 4: The US East Coast
    • Friday- Lesson 5: Pastel Techniques
  • Grammar and geography flash cards
  • Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare 
    • Tuesday- Chapter 3
    • Thursday- Chapter 4
  • BW Writing Project- Mini Reports: Natural Disasters, Week 1
    • Monday- Topic Selection (use the funnel exercise from The Writer’s Jungle)
      • Study images and videos
    • Tuesday- Read newspaper and online articles
    • Wednesday- Put the event in its historical context
    • Thursday- Interview an eye-witness (using interview questions)
    • Friday- Review notes (ask yourself questions)

Math (all)

  • Levi- Video and two pages per day of Math U See Delta
  • Ethan- A lesson a day on Teaching Textbooks 
  • Karis- Video and two pages per day of Math U See Zeta 



  • Listen to The Action Bible audio book each day and answer questions in devotional.

Brave Writer Arrow, The One and Only Ivan (boys)

  • Listen to audiobook 
    • Pages 1-67
    • Week one- teach about proper nouns, narrative voice, compound words, and spelling (gorilla, peel, and knuckle) through copywork and dictation
    • Big Juicy Questions 1 and 2
  • Monday-  Copywork (a portion) and “Why this passage?”
  • Tuesday- Copywork (a portion) and “What to note,” spelling, and compound words
  • Wednesday- Dictation and “How to teach this passage”
  • Thursday- Correct dictation together and Grammar notes: “What’s in a Name?”
  • Friday- Do dictation again with corrections in mind and “Factoids about Gorillas”

Independent Reading

  • Read a book of choice for 30 minutes each day.


  • The Physical Side of Chemicals
    • Tuesday- Read in book
    • Thursday- Do Investigation 1

Texas History 

Nature Studies 

  • Wild Explorers Club- Friday
    • Finding a walking stick and carving sticks into things


Morning Time

  • Shakespeare, art/geography, and writing


  • Find a devotional of your choice on the Bible app to study the Philippians book of the Bible.

Brave Writer Boomerang: Divergent, read pages 1-158 this week

  • Monday- Week one, copywork (first two paragraphs).  Read “Why this passage” and “what to note” on page 4 of the guide.    
  • Tuesday- Week one, copywork (second two paragraphs).  Read “How to teach this passage” on page 5 of the guide.   
  • Wednesday- Dictation.  Read about Points of View on page 6 of the guide.
  • Thursday- Edit and correct dictation (together).  Read about Tense on page 6 of the guide.  
  • Friday- Dictation again.  Answer questions 1 and 2 at the back of the Boomerang guide (pages 22 and 23).  

IEW Fix-It Grammar

  • Monday- Week 1 lesson (page 4).  Do Day 1 together.
  • Tuesday- Day 2
  • Wednesday- Day 3
  • Thursday- Day 4


  • Finish chapter 22 and complete chapter 23 as well. 
    • Make sure you are following the outline of what you are supposed to be doing. 
    • Questions, narration, map work, etc.


  • Monday- Read pages 40-51
  • Tuesday- Chapter 6 worksheets 1 and 2
  • Wednesday- Chapter 4-6 quiz
  • Thursday- Read pages 60-67.  Chapter 7 worksheet 1.
  • Friday- Chapter 7 worksheets 2 and 3.  

Let me know if you want more info about anything!

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