A Simple Way to Write a Family Mission Statement

Mission Statement

I finally got Robert pinned down to work on our family mission statement.  He wasn’t super thrilled with it, but we both feel, now, that it was super beneficial.


I started by following a “plan” that I found online for how to do this and scrapped it when I realized it was too detailed.  So, we ended up writing out what is important to each person in the family.


Then I found similar themes and color coded them.


After I did that, we realized that we are basically living out the Camp Eagle mission statement: Inspiring Christ-like change through outdoor adventure, authentic relationships, and biblical truth.

I adapted that and created our own using that as a “spine.”

So, here it is!

We believe that our mission is:

  • To live out Biblical truth
  • To have authentic relationships and love well
  • To serve others
  • To participate in and experience outdoor adventure
  • To live a Wild + Free lifestyle (especially in our homeschool)
  • To celebrate our individuality by pouring into our own passions
  • To speak in a “life-giving” way to each other

Mission Statement, Tent

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