It’s the Little Things

I feel like I write posts like this a lot, but I love celebrating the things I’m grateful for.

My cough is still lingering, but God provided a way to get allergy testing.  I set up an appt for next week.  I also sent in the food sensitivities/intolerances kit.  I did find out that food allergy testing is separate from environmental allergy testing, so I may or may not do that.  We’ll see see how things go with the tests that I have already scheduled/sent in.


Robert and I had a much needed date night Sunday night.  We went to Chili’s and shopped at Walmart (very slowly since we area always in a rush).  It was nice to just chat and hang out.  We haven’t been able to do that in a long time because he is always working (camp has a lot of major projects happening).

I got some great natural products at Walmart for really good prices!  Walmart has been surprising me lately!


I got in my amazing phone case (it is wooden!) and a pack of nose rings.  I’m excited about being able to have options (though I do need a wait a while till I change it again… my nose is still super sensitive).  I also love having the ability to blog and of course I’m always drinking coffee :-).

Ethan and I went to Trader Joe’s on Monday!  We also ate at our fave Mediterranean restaurant (Zoe’s).  He loves spending time with me, and I’m super thankful since he’s 11 and it’s not super common!


I love this tea!


I got some great produce, a bit of meat, and a few other random items.  There are also some items not pictured.

Halloween/Pumpkin things including Poetry Teatime, carving pumpkins, pumpkin spice cookies from Trader Joe’s, and time with some amazing facilitators.

Amazing and nutritious food!  I am loving making homemade foods again.

School has been fun.  I looovveee planning homeschooling and being with my kids.  It’s my favorite thing in the world.  I’m also loving not using a store-bought curriculum for most things (for the boys at least).  Karis uses curriculum because that’s more her learning style.  And she’s in 8th grade!  I’m already looking into what we will use for high school.  I cannot believe I will have a high schooler next year.

I looovvveee my home.  I’m so thankful for it.  It’s pretty small (about 1250 sq ft), but it’s so cozy and I love how I have it decorated.


I was working on this post this morning and then we lost power… for about 6 hours.  I did a lot of productive things including tons of organizing, grading the kids’ work, budgeting, etc.  I kind of lost steam on this blog post so I’m going to end it now!  I have lots of plans for more organizing the next few days!  I still need to organize under the bathroom sink, our closet, and the kids’ rooms.  We will be home till Wednesday so I have plenty of time!  I’m loving this energy that I have!

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