The Adventure Begins

I’m doing it!  I’m letting go of the structure of a curriculum for language arts and other subjects, and I have decided to dive head first into Brave Writer and the Brave Writer Lifestyle!!

I have been talking with my husband about this for quite a while, and I finally just felt like it was time.

This has been hard for me for several reasons:
1) I thought structure was the only way to teach grammar.
2) I thought I would miss something if I didn’t have complete control and structure.
3) I didn’t want to change my mind on curriculum (again).
4) I thought it would be too much work to not have an open and go curriculum.
5) I thought my kids needed something independent they can do on their own.
6) The teacher in me thought that they needed to hit certain objectives to be thoroughly taught.
7) My daughter is going into high school soon.
8.) I’m controlling. (If I’m being honest)
9) I always thought “that’s great for them, but not for me.”
10) Enneagram 1 (who’s with me?)

Gosh though. I told my husband my fears with letting go and choosing Brave Writer for all of our language arts (and our lifestyle in general), and he was allll for Brave Writer. He said it may be a bit more work but he thinks we will all love homeschooling more this way.

He said that he doesn’t know much about the rules of grammar, but he’s a good writer and was even a TA in college for a bit! He agrees so much with the BW philosophy and it was what I needed to make this decision.

I’m so excited!!!

In September we are going to read a book that my college friend wrote (check it out, it’s called Colors of the Rain) and study desegregation, racism, and diversity. I have so many great books and have ordered a few more.  Then in October we will read Esperanza Rising and study Mexico (culture, geography, art, artist study, etc).

I think we’re going to read Number the Stars in November/December and study the Holocaust, but I haven’t decided yet.

The boys want to study space/astronomy first for science (Levi’s request), and I have so many great resources for this!  Then after astronomy we’re going to study chemistry (Ethan’s request).  Karis will do her middle school science but also join us because she just wants to!

In addition to all of this, we will still do school year round, but we will just take time off as needed/wanted.  I don’t want to be school at home any longer.

My kids will be in a literature rich environment (good novels, amazing picture books, books on science topics, books on social justice and culture), doing writing projects and original writing), studying things that we want to study, having an adventurous life as much as we can, getting to play a lot, being in nature, developing good habits and work ethic, and enjoying life!

We will also continue the BW Lifestyle: Poetry Teatime, Friday Freewrites, Friday night movie nights (and “Big Juicy Questions), memorizing poetry, nature studies, etc.

I have felt a HUGE weight lifted, and I have so much joy about homeschooling.

I will be sharing my units here as I create them!

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