My Vision and Goals for Myself and My Family

I have been so. bad. at. follow. through. lately.  I’m not sure why… but I’m sure a lot of it is because I’m always tired and because I hate being busy.

The other day I took things off my calendar that meant I was driving far.  I need a break from driving.  Thursday I have to go to a doc appt 2 hours away, then the next week Levi has a doc appt.  I have AA on Wednesday nights.  But other than that, I plan to STAY HOME/at camp.

But… being a Wild + Free, adventurous family is my goal so I plan to do adventurous things here where we live.  I mean, we can kayak, go swimming, hike all over the place, go fishing, mountain biking, bouldering, and more.  So why not?  I decided to put something on my calendar each day that is adventurous.  Even if it means we will only go on a short hike… anything to get us OUTSIDE.  I’m so thankful to live here at a camp with 1400 acres and so many adventure opportunities.  I just need to take the opportunities.  Driving to the W+F group sometimes is awesome and worth it because of the time with other W+F families, but it’s not necessary to live the life that we desire because we have so many ways to do that here.  I know I keep saying the same thing all different ways, but I think I need the reminder as much as anyone else!

So this is what my schedule looks like the next two weeks.  I have scheduled multiple adventure times (including Karis sometimes), AA every Wednesday, doc appts, etc.  It’s kinda hard to see :-).

I’m planning on working out with friends once a week.(strength training), then 2-3 adventure activities each week.  I actually find myself doing activities easier when I focus on my goal of being a Wild + Free family and including my kids!

I made this vision board to keep my focus and it’s hanging on the wall behind my desk!

My focuses are:

  • Following Christ
  • Hospitality- hosting Bible study and friends at various times
  • Making things homemade
  • Adventure alone and as a family
  • Being home and being content with that
  • “Nature Rocks, Let’s Go Explore” (really small on the right side)
  • “Christian Camp” (even smaller on the right side)
  • Being involved regularly in AA
  • Working slowly on my personal goals of becoming a childbirth educator and eventually maybe a doula!

I want to learn to boulder/rock climb.  I want to start backpacking more, but I need to work up to it again.  I have a mountain bike on the way, and it’ll take time to get to where I can ride trails.  I’m just excited to have the opportunity to ride in general.  Hopefully the lower impact will be good for my foot.

I want to start having mamas/friends over more again to have coffee and talk about life.  I haven’t been consistent with that lately.  I love that I host Bible study every Monday; it’s the highlight of my week.  I want to be consistent with other things like I am with that!

I am consistent with meal planning and meal prep.  I keep my house pretty clean (though not as clean as I did when they kids were in school).  I will get there with other things… it just takes time.  I’m probably being too hard on myself as usual.

Homeschooling is going well.  Last week was a bit of a crap shoot because we weren’t home, but we did school most days.  This coming week I will plan school for the week to stay focused.  We haven’t done science in a few weeks (besides nature stuff).  It’s fine.  My main goal is to be focused on the basics every day, and we’ve been pretty good with that.  The Good and the Beautiful language arts and handwriting/copywork, reading/narration, dictation, math, etc.

Right now I’m so tired that I could take a nap, but instead I’m going to get up and do meal prep.  If I’m still really tired after that, I will allow myself a short nap!  I’m trying to balance things.

2 thoughts

  1. I love your vision board! It’s broad, but it allows you guys to have so many different possibilities. I really like the small daily adventures! That’s something I truly struggle with. With the hustle and bustle of life I am trying to find the balance. Great blog post Courtney!

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