Wild + Free

I’m finding that my philosophy of homeschooling is changing, and I’m super excited about it.

I still love most of the curriculum that I am using, but I’m learning to implement it differently and to add in really important things like nature studies, doing things hands-on as much as possible, enchanting their learning (bringing it to life!), Poetry Teatime, read alouds, sending them outside often, and just letting them be kids.  In fact, I think we’re going to move school outside as much as we can!

I need to be better at getting outside.  I haven’t been very good about it lately!  But homeschooling the boys has encouraged me to desire that again.

Instead of having them sit in front of me for read alouds, I want them to sit next to me, curled up on the couch.  This isn’t a classroom.

I decided to do a more fun and hands-on curriculum for science, and I will add in fun books and things for extension.  We are going to study Marine Biology (The Good and the Beautiful).  I’m just following the kids’ interests!

Okay… about Wild + Free.  I am still learning about it, but it’s basically a movement to help homeschooling mamas relax a bit and allow their kids to be kids and do all of the things that I listed above.  Their big thing is outdoors and nature.

I joined a Wild + Free group in Fredericksburg!  They have once a month outings.  This month I will be meeting them for the first time and we are going to Enchanted Rock!  I’m super excited!

I told the leader that I would love for them to come here to camp at some point.  She thought that would be fun!

Being a homeschooling mama is so different this time for me. I used to do things out of fear and anxiety and now I do things out of peace and joy. I’m giving myself some time to figure things out and giving the boys time to adjust to a new life.

I’m so thankful to Jesus for allowing me this opportunity again. I never thought it would happen again. This is my dream life. Now if only Karis wanted to homeschool again. I’m trying to leave her alone about it because she really likes being in school. If she’s meant to homeschool, she’ll change her mind in her own time. I trust that God has a plan for her life just like he does for the boys.

We’re at my sis and bro in-laws’ right now and Ethan has a mountain bike race tomorrow! I’ll be sharing some pics!


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