Basic Organization

basic organization

Yesterday I wrote about what our homeschool looks like/will look like as a page on my blog.

One of the biggest things is that I’m wanting to come at this completely differently than I ever have before!

More relaxed!

Simple curriculum!

Not changing curriculum constantly!

Simple organization!

And more (read the page)!

But.  Ethan and I both need SOME organization for our self care and anxiety, so I did a little bit the past few days.  The beauty is, I used mostly things that we already had.  In the past, I would have bought ALL new supplies.  I bought a few, but I’m trying to just make things work because I’m trying to not spend much money!!

I’m also not writing lesson plans because I became a slave to them and constantly would update and print trying to find perfection.  Homeschool isn’t black and white like that and I want to go with the flow.  So we will just go in order and they will follow their daily routine.  The beauty is, if they “miss a day,” they will never be “behind.”  We’ll just go to the next lesson.  Easy!

This is my organization:

I have a very basic and beautiful planner.  I just write my to-do’s on it every day.  I use Google Calendar for the events and things because Robert can see it also.


I have a basic binder with a few things in it.  I have my reader’s response questions (because I plan to do it while the kids are), freewriting prompts, Balance 365 stuff including a self love journal and a workout program, and medical.

You will never see grades or anything of that sort in my binder.  I can determine whether or not they are learning/understanding as we go.  Texas is very laid back with stuff like that.  I don’t plan to test them either.  Again, I will be able to determine understanding which is the whole point of tests.

The boys have a binder, a free writing journal, a reader’s response journal, and a math notebook.

The binder is for ELA, spelling, handwriting, reading, and math.

I want to get them a sketchbook for nature journaling and another journal for science.  But I’m good with what we have for now.  I’m not seeking perfection (WHAT?! Haha).

I hope to start nature studies and other things eventually, but I’m trying so hard to keep it simple for now.  I can add to our days once we’re in a good routine.

I plan to start school at 8 and just go till we finish.  The kids aren’t allowed on electronics till after dinner during the week so they have to find other things to do which includes playing with friends, being outside, playing games, etc.

And like I shared before, they have a routine that they have to follow and complete before they do anything else.

Most weeks we will do school Monday through Friday.  Every other Friday we will do school at Starbucks or a local coffee shop because it’s town day and we have to get groceries, etc.

This week we won’t do school Monday because we will have our neighbor’s kids here.

Ethan and I organized the closet in my office/school room!


I have gotten so much done today!  I have completed my to do list.  I think I might put together a spelling bucket (with fun things for the kids to practice spelling words).  I have 7 kids here (my 3 plus our neighbor kids) so there’s no use trying to clean the house well.  They are entertaining each other so I’m just hanging out in my office and listening for a reason to intervene.

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