Anxiety Management- Showing Growth

For the past (almost) week, all I have thought about is whether or not we should homeschool, then the decision to homeschool, then the details of what our homeschool will look like!

What is the common denominator here?  All I’ve thought about is homeschooling!  Haha!  I think that’s normal for anyone starting something new, especially when it’s their dream.

But with my mental health, I decided to take a step back last night because I needed to stop obsessing!  I had a friend write “breathe” on one of my posts yesterday and it was a simple and great reminder.  It’s so great that I’ve gotten to the point in which I can tell when I start spinning and can take a step back!

I played a (short) game with the kids, we had an easy dinner, I did yoga, chatted with a few friends about other things, and I went to sleep very easily (at about 11).  I woke up at 5 wide awake but was able to get back to sleep at 6 till about 8!  That’s a perfect time for a weekend.

We have a family of kids coming to hang out and stay the night tonight so the next few days will be busy.  That’s 7 kids by myself.  It’s a long story as to why this is happening but it involves our broken down Jeep 8 hours away at Big Bend.  We won’t be starting school till Tuesday now.

Also, anxiety will still happen.  It’s something that I will always struggle with so the fact that I have learned good coping skills is huge.

Part of my coping skills is self care.  I just showered, I’m having my coffee and writing, enjoying my diffuser next to me, listening to music, will possibly put on makeup (who knows), will do yoga again today here in my office, will make sure to eat and drink water, will take my meds, etc.

I’m trying really hard to not over-plan or over-organize, but I need some organization for self care (and Ethan needs it for his self care as well).  Trying to find a happy medium.

They will be totally fine and do well!  They have grown a lot academically since I homeschooled them, and for Ethan that’s huge since he hasn’t had one solid teacher in two years.

I’m not worried about them getting “behind” like I used to worry.  In fact, I’m going backwards a bit in math so that they understand the way that Mr. Demme teaches things in Math U See and to have some review.  But I think we will move through it pretty quickly.  I think they’re going to love it.

Okay… moving forward and just trying to get through the next few days without feeling super overwhelmed!  I’m probably going to be hiding out in my office a lot.  Haha!

In fact, be expecting a post about the little bit of organizing that I chose to do!

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