Spending Time Processing to Quiet My Anxiety

I don’t normally hang out in my office after everyone has gone to bed (I try to go to bed right away), but I decided that I needed some quiet alone time.  I haven’t been feeling well physically (probably just a cold) which affects my mental health as well.  I have felt like someone was screaming in my ears all day.  That’s what anxiety feels like sometimes.  Like I can’t focus or function well.  Like I have loud noise going on in my head.

I woke up late (about 10) and Ethan was here.  He stayed home because he was “sick,” except by 10 he was fine.  So that was kind of annoying.  Then at about noon Robert came home real sick.  I decided to take him in to the doc.  I’ll talk about that in a bit (it’s a whole story in itself).  For him to decide to allow me to take him in was a big deal.  This was literally the very first time he has gone to the doctor since we’ve been married.  He said it’s the first time since high school that he can remember.  He’s a pretty stubborn man.

Anyway.  The doctor visit.

I decided to take him to a doctor that works out of his detached garage in Rocksprings.  He has been practicing for a very long time.  He even gives you meds from his office!  It’s a very professional environment with a normal yet small waiting room.  He takes his time with his patients which I appreciate.  He even walks them to their cars afterwards.

He ended up just having a bad sinus infection that was starting to settle in his lungs.  When we left he told me that he had been blowing out blood but didn’t want to tell me.  Again.  Stubborn man.  For the visit, a steroid shot, and 4 medications, it was only $50.  I think he just kind of makes up totals as he goes along.  Haha.  He’s definitely a small town, old school doc.  He prints labels with a typewriter.

He has been resting all day.  I think he will feel better tomorrow.

One of the problems for me today was that the house was a disaster.  The kids and I cleaned it up tonight and now I feel so much better mentally.  It’s crazy how much of a difference it makes for me.



I got the kids a few things for Valentine’s Day.  I got them some candy (with a fave for each kiddo) and a journal with a pen.  I’m going to tell them that the journal is for writing about their feelings AND for writing about what God is teaching them through reading His word or through listening at church.  I hope they take it to heart.


I also got Robert a Kit Kat.  Haha.

I don’t think we will be doing anything for Valentine’s.  I mean, we usually don’t so it’s no biggie.  I might write him a letter or something.  That means a lot.

I’m gonna go read now and then head to bed!


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