Things That “Spark” Joy

This morning I was told by an online friend that I am a fun person.

I haven’t always been.

I have a history of being too serious, controlling, anxious, and frustrated.  I was also angry with my kids all of the time.  I was distant and cold with my my husband.

For a long time Robert wished and hoped for me to be more light-hearted, fun, and joyful.  He told me that he missed me laughing. He missed having an emotional connection with me.

Life has changed so much over this past year.  What was once survival mode has turned to thriving as an individual, family, and husband and wife.

In that process, I have gained joy through the little things and have been learning who I am and what our values as a family are.  Some of it has been intentional and some of it has been accidental, but it has been happening nonetheless.

One of the things that I have done is create a cozy, warm, and inviting home.  Our home is small, and I’m starting to truly love that.  It’s easy to keep clean and organized, and decorating and making it an expression of who we are is easy and fun.  I added curtains to most rooms, added a few rugs, added fun things to my walls especially in my office (that I bought inexpensively at dollar tree, Walmart, Amazon, etc).  I love candles, Christmas lights, and patterns.  All of those things make me happy and create a warm and cozy environment.

Yesterday I received a tapestry that I bought on Amazon (for $10!) and I hung it in my office.  I shared pictures and that’s why my friend told me that I am a fun person.  I truly feel that way these days.  I still yell some at my kids, and I sometimes get anxious, but overall I am a joyful person who loves life.

I have a place to be focused on my blog posts and my current habits.  I also put my vision poster there to focus on the things that matter to me.

I cleaned out the books and the basket has my oils and roller bottles.

On a similar note, I’m so excited about the bottles that I got.

This pic was taken before the tapestry, but I thought I would share how I organized this.  My yoga mat and block have a place now!

I know it’s just a house and just space in my house, but I find that making it comfy and cozy makes people want to be here and makes me want to be at home (which, I used to hate being home all the time but now I LOVE it!).

With this, I find that clean and tidy is inviting.  I can’t handle mess and clutter.  The boy’s room is messy most of the time and I’m working on that, but the rest of the house tends to stay clean and I find that important.

Also, I know I share pics of my house often, but I am constantly working on it and love to share my progress!

Clearly my home brings so much joy.  But as I shared in past posts, other things bring me joy as well.  Quality family time, adventures, yoga, Bible study and having people in my home, candles, essential oils, making things from scratch, cooking and baking, studying about pregnancy and childbirth education, sobriety, mental health, my community (camp and Rocksprings), amazing friends, budgeting and living frugally, Balance 365, natural living, and so many more things!  I just love life!

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