Last Thursday night was so fun. I was invited to and went to a night where we learned about goal setting and creating vision for our life. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but it was pretty great. I also remembered just how socially awkward I am, but that’s a story for another time.

At one point, my friend had us do a meditation exercise where we visualized our life 10 years from now. Most people visualized something very specific. Mine was more general, and I think that’s exactly what I needed and is where I am in life.

For years I thought I needed to know every detail about my future, I always wanted something new or better, and I was a control freak in every aspect. I always thought my life would get easier over time and just strived for that.

But in my vision, all I could see was my life as good as it is, but doing MORE of what I’m doing and focusing on now. My kids will be in college and I’m hoping that Robert and I are still living simply and that our adventures will be more often. I still want to be here, inviting people over, serving others here at camp, and teaching pregnant women about their bodies and Childbirth. I just love my life so much as it is and really don’t want anything different. I know that life changes and sometimes God has different things for us than we have for ourselves, but I’m just taking one day at a time and trusting Him with everything. I feel that He is giving me this sweet spot in life and I’m so thankful, grateful, and blessed.

My vision board was focused on continuing the amazing, simple life that I have now, being intentional, and focusing on relationships and balance in lots of areas. The reminder of the importance of pregnancy and Childbirth education was included as well. The windmill represents camp, and I feel that everything else is self explanatory.

I have been stable for about a year. My mental health is better than it has ever been, I am 27 months sober, I have great friends and I love being with my family, we go on more adventures now than ever before, I’m loving natural living, I love yoga and hiking, camping has been so good for us, I’m loving my Childbirth Ed training, I’m continuing to love blogging and reading, my house stays clean and organized, I love cooking and doing food prep, our finances are improving by the pay period, all of our needs are met, and on and on.

Life is so, so good.

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