Merry Christmas from the Croslands

We have had multiple Christmas celebrations so far!  We have celebrated with my dad’s side of the family, with my mom’s side of the family, with my parents, and as a family.  This evening we’re having Christmas dinner with a few families here at camp!  It has been full of busyness, family, and celebration.  It’s so nice to have a chill day today and the next two days.

Here are some pics from the past few days!

These are from my dad’s side of the family celebration.  We ate an amazing meal, played Bingo, had a White Elephant gift exchange, and played another game.  It was a great time with family.


After this, mom, Robert, dad, and I got to work for the next day of celebration!


These pics are from the celebration with my mom’s side of the family!  Our food was the most amazing ever (not pictured).  We played games, hung out, and did an ornament exchange.


My parents got us some fun things. Some cash, a wooden wreath for cards or pictures, and some fun ornaments!

The kids got amazing gifts from my parents!  They aren’t all pictured here.

Our kids were thrilled with their gifts that they opened yesterday!

Ethan got a new bike, an iPod touch (and older one that I got on eBay), a helmet, and a few other small things.


Levi got some Transformers, a Kindle Fire, some Wii U games, and a few other small things.  He was so so so excited.


Karis opened her main gifts in November because we got her backpacking gear and we went camping the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Yesterday she got a BUNCH of books, a new Bible, a Bible study notebook, and a promise of going clothes shopping on January 12th in San Antonio.  She was a bit sad because she didn’t have as much to open yesterday, but she became a little happier.


Robert got me an amazing fuzzy vest with the Camp Eagle logo and a down backpacking mattress!

Last night we had a movie night of watching Harry Potter and eating finger foods.  It was a nice, relaxing way to spend Christmas Eve!  Levi barely watched it because he was busy playing with his Transformers.  Apparently I got him his favorite ones!


Then we set out their stockings to wake up and open up!  They weren’t super amazing because they got BIG gifts this year.  They got a personalized sketch book with colored pencils, a small gift card to Amazon, and some candy!


Today we are spending the day chilling.  We will spend some time worshipping and praying in a little while to focus on the reason for the celebration today.  Then this evening we will have dinner with camp family!


On Friday, we are leaving for New Mexico to celebrate Christmas and New Years with Robert’s family!  It’s always an amazing time of playing lots of games, eating, and lots of good conversation.  We will probably have snow which will be amazing for the kids.

Then January 5th through 8th Robert and I are headed for Big Bend State Park to celebrate our 15th Anniversary!

I have been so excited and dreaming about going back. It’s Robert and my special place.  It’s going to be cold, but I’m okay with that.  I have a super, super warm sleeping bag (it’s down).


I have been known to be an indoor person in the past, but over the years I have learned to appreciate the outdoors.  It’s my happy place.

Have an amazing Christmas and New Year!

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