My Goals and Intentions for 2019

A few days ago I wrote about my word for the year.  I still think it’s important to be specific about goals that I have; though, they aren’t the type of goals that I used to have for myself.

Over the past few years, I have learned to love who I am, where I am.  I am happy with who I have become and don’t feel that I need to prove myself to anyone or become “better.”  I am enough right now.

With that said, I want my word for the year to seep into all areas of my life, and to do that intentionally (haha), I need to have some plans for the year.  These are things that Robert and I want for our marriage, for our family, and things that I desire for myself.  I just want to continue to grow into the person that I was created to be.  I want to focus on the passions that God has placed on my heart for His glory!

So. This seems like a LOT of goals. But. These are mostly things that we/I already do… I just want to continue, expand, or do more.

These aren’t resolutions… they are intentions.

Family Goals

  • Weekly dates, whether at home, around camp, or in town (I’m working on a list of ideas).
  • Write a mission statement
  • Monthly camping trips and/or state park day trips
  • Ethan’s mountain bike races (about once a month)
  • Family hikes bike rides, and yoga

Balance 365 Goals

  • Hike and yoga- work up to three times a week (and maybe adding in some other forms of movement like running and strength training)
  • Work up to 3-4 balanced meals (protein, carbs, fat, veggies/fruit) a day
  • Reduce caloric drinks

Rocksprings community Goals

  • Be *more involved* in PTO and the kids’ school
  • Go to church at least 1-2 times a month (to start)
  • AA on Mondays at noon (Leading some)

Personal Goals

  • Complete CBE training and start my business
  • Better financial management (budgeting, saving, living frugally)
  • Grow my blog

Continuing and growing in these areas… (2018 was an amazing year for positive habit building)

  • Bible study and prayer most mornings
  • Reading daily
  • Weekly movie night and game nights as a family and with camp family
  • Going on adventures as a family
  • Continue current habits (meal planning, meal prep, daily planning, daily chores, showering every other day, night time routine, filling med container weekly, taking meds, boys’ meds daily, cooking/baking most meals from scratch, intuitive eating, etc)
  • Continue being content with where I am (okay if weight loss doesn’t happen)
  • Natural living as much as possible (and reducing waste)
  • Yoga with friends
  • Hiking with friends
  • Coffee with friends
  • Hosting weekly Bible study (my fave night of the week)
  • Hospitality (love having people in my home!)
  • Continue being at events as possible at camp
  • Continue HAF homes with Interns (and Walkabout when we have them again)

I can’t believe that it’s already time to celebrate Christmas. We have a celebration each day for the next 4 days! With Meemaw/dad’s side, with mom’s side of the family, with my parents, then at our house with the kids. Then on the 28th we leave for New Mexico to hang out with my in-laws.

I’m excited about what’s to come and also happy to get back to routine! Haha.

What are your plans for Christmas?

What are some goals and intentions that you have for 2019?

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