My New Adventure

I did a thing yesterday.

In 2012 I decided to become a childbirth educator.  I worked on the course off and on from early spring that year till maybe 2014.  I never really took it seriously for a few reasons, then when we moved here in 2015 I decided to just get rid of all of the books and course manuals because I didn’t think there would be any possibility to use it here.  I was also planning to focus on time on homeschooling.  I had all of these plans…

Yet I had no real plan.  Nothing has been consistent because I’ve been kind of floundering.  Between my mental health being all over the place (until this year), my alcoholism, and trying to figure out what’s next, I haven’t known what to do with myself.

I even tried direct sales and after about 8 months realized that it is NOT for me.  I felt like I was fake.  I wasn’t acting like me. I hated asking people to do a party or buy things.  I posted about the business all the time and people were starting to avoid me.  As soon as I made the decision to stop, I felt a weight lift.  I could go back to being myself.  Truth is, while I do like makeup, wearing it every day isn’t me either.  I have so much makeup now that I won’t ever wear.  I spent a fortune on makeup (it’s expensive stuff) and didn’t make much.


If you have read my blog lately you have probably seen posts about not knowing what to do now.  I have really been struggling with purpose and what to do to fill my time besides sleeping and cleaning.  My kids are out of the house 10 hours every day, so I’m alone the majority of that time.  It’s lonely and quite boring.  I try to spend time with friends, but everyone has their own life so obviously I couldn’t expect them to join me all the time haha.

A few days ago, my friend posted in our Balance 365 off topic group about deciding to become a midwife (she has been struggling with the same thing).  It triggered something in me (in a great way).  I immediately remembered that I had this course that I started and never finished; it’s self paced and is always there.

I decided to see if I could even figure out how to log back in.  After a few tries, I got in.  I was able to see that I had completed a lot of the course already.  I decided to reach out to my trainer, and to my surprise, she emailed me back!  We have been emailing each other back and forth since!

I decided to go forward with the class and I haven’t looked back!

I ended up doing a final draft of a major paper and submitting it last night!  I had so much fun looking over the draft that I wrote 4 1/2 years ago and seeing how much I’ve changed in very important areas of my life.  I have grown so much.

I found out that I can teach classes in the library if I want, and this is huge.  The main reason I wasn’t pursuing it is because I didn’t think I had a place to teach the classes!  I also have a name for the business: Everyday Miracles Pregnancy and Childbirth Education.  An online friend actually came up with it!  I have a friend that I will be observing when the time comes.  With-in a little over a day all of these details have worked out so well.

Today I started working on a website and created a Facebook page.

When I have more on those pages, I’ll share!

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