Our Amazing Family Pictures, 2018

A friend here at camp did our family photos and I am in shock and super impressed with how good they turned out.  I cannot wait to get some prints hanging in our living room; unfortunately, it’ll be after Christmas before I can get them done.  We spent a fortune on our kids’ Christmas gifts!

We’re getting this one printed for some family members for Christmas.

pics 16

There’s a funny story about the pics in front of this cliff.  We had to tip toe and jump across water to get there.  Robert picked up Ethan to throw him across a section that had lots of water.  When he did that, he accidentally poked Ethan in the eye with his thumb.  It hurt a lot and he was crying and he somehow smiled good for this picture, but I can tell that his eye is red and he’s forcing the smile.  That was the only real good picture from that location.

We were trying to decide between that one and this one.  We didn’t choose this one because we felt like it wasn’t as natural AND it annoyed me that the bottom of my shoe is showing.  Haha.  I do still LOVE it.  The background is gorgeous, the lighting is perfect, and the kids are all happy.

Pics 1

Here are some more amazing family pics:

The kid pics are fun!

I love these pics of Robert and I.

And finally she took some pictures of me as headshots and I love how they turned out.

We have had a LOT of amazing pics taken of us over the years.  I will say that I think I love these the most.  But I think I say that every year, so who knows.  Haha!

I love that in the past I would have picked apart every picture and how I looked.  This time, I only see the good.  Our family is beautiful and amazing.  The love that we have for one another is evident in these pictures.  That’s all that matters to me!

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