Thanksgiving 2018

I’m so happy to have my whole family together today.  Robert has been working so so hard, even on his days off, so it’s a miracle to have him home.  Also my parents will be here this afternoon to celebrate with us.  At 5:30 we are having a Thanksgiving meal with our camp family.  I love this new tradition!  It’s the best!  We did it last year and I want to do it every year now.

I have so much to be thankful for this year as I reflect.  As you know, I focus on gratitude almost every day so today is no different in that manner; but, I do plan to focus on it again though!


I have struggled for years and felt a lot of anger towards him. Over the course of this year I have made peace with Jesus and am now just loving intimacy with Him each day.  I am loving reading his word and studying it with my camp family each week.  We started back to church (at a new one), and I really love it.


We went on an amazing camping trip over the weekend and it was so great spending time with my family.

Our parents have been amazing in our lives, and I’m so so thankful for them.  They love well and unconditionally.  They have helped in hard times.  They love their grandkids so well.


My favorites today are Steffany Gretzinger, Bethel, Cory Asbury, Mumford and Sons, and David Crowder’s new album.

This is my favorite song these days:

I listen to it over and over and over again.  It’s so amazing.

I love this one as well:


I am so loving spending time outside… between hikes alone and with family and camping as a family.  It’s exactly what my heart and mental health need.

Movement that I am Loving

Yoga and hiking are my favorites, but I also plan to start a little bit of strength training soon!  I haven’t been successful at movement this week with the kids home, but I hope to pick back up next week!

Our Home

We have had some amazing homes since we have been married (almost 15 years), but I would say I feel the most “at home” at the house that we live in now.  It’s cozy and warm and despite the small size, it’s perfect for us.

It has three bedrooms, my office (my favorite room), and an open concept living room/kitchen/dining area.  There’s also a large attic and we are the only house that has a garage here at camp (which is helpful for Robert).  I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and office.  Everyone talks about how much they love our home when they walk into it for the first time.  I have been told by a college student that it’s “pinteresty.”

We also have an amazing view outside our back porch.

Amazing view

My Camp Family and Best Friend

I don’t have many pics with my BFF (I guess because we’re just too busy to care about pics when we’re together), but this is her!  I visited her a few weeks ago, and I’m already ready to go back there!  I probably will in January if not before.

She is the best friend a girl could want.  We talk mostly every day and many times a day (through text mostly).  We are there for each other in the good and the bad.  We don’t always agree about things, but we can appreciate each other’s views as they are.  She shows love so well.  I don’t have a sister (now it’s just me), and I’ve never really had a best friend till now, so I’m so thankful for her.


Mental Stability and Health

I don’t really have a pic to show this, but I am a different person since I quit drinking, learning how to cope in more healthy ways, and taking meds that work well.  I have tried to reduce meds (I’m on a lot), and I start struggling more, so I continue to take them all! I praise God for my sobriety, for my doc, and for my meds. I wouldn’t be where I am without him.

My Blog

I have never had many followers, views, or comments, but it is all mine and it is a reflection of who I am.  I have been blogging for years, and I finally feel like it’s the way I want it!

My blog

The Big and Little Things

  • Sunrises and sunsets
  • Candles
  • Coffee
  • My computer and phone (to blog and chat with friends)
  • Flowers
  • A clean house
  • Organizing
  • Pretty things like cloth napkins and curtains and the tree on my wall
  • An amazing vehicle that is paid off
  • All of our needs are met.  Despite me not being able to work, we always have food and gas and medical covered… and we even have Christmas covered without using credit.
  • Plenty of insurance to cover our medical, dental, and vision
  • I could go on and on…

What are you thankful for today??

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