Two Week Meal Plan and a Little About HOW I Meal Plan

I did a live video in my group on Facebook (Be Unapologetically Yourself), but not many people watched!  So, I decided to just write about how I meal plan.

A couple of things makes this super easy: 1) Notes on my phone, and 2) My favorite cookbooks.  I’m not a fan of Pinterest most of the time (it can be overwhelming to me), but I do use it on occasion.

I keep a running grocery list in the notes of my phone, then I add to it as I make a list of meals.

List, part 1

I make a list of meals in the notes of my phone as I go through recipe books.


It all comes together when I use my list to order groceries for Walmart Pick Up!  I love that I know how much I am spending before I spend it!  I keep our grocery budget between $400-500 for the month!

walmart grocery app

After I make a list of meals, I transfer that onto this blog and organize it based on the dates.  Then I transfer it to a document, print it, and hang it in our kitchen to follow!

Now for the meal plan:


  • Pumpkin pancakes and eggs
  • Green smoothies and whole wheat toast
  • “Annie’s Oats” (pumpkin version)
  • Greek yogurt and homemade granola


  • Bean and cheese burritos and veggies
  • Quesadillas and veggies
  • Cottage cheese, veggies, and Triscuits
  • Leftover soup
  • Tuna salad wraps


  • Sunday, October 7- Egg roll in a bowl
  • Monday, October 8- IP Venison roast
  • Tuesday, October 9- Taco  salad
  • Wednesday, October 10- Leftovers or sandwich (church night)
  • Thursday, October 11- IP Enchilada casserole (pg 47)
  • Friday, October 12- Homemade pizza
  • Saturday, October 13- Brinner (blueberry muffins, eggs, bacon, and fruit)
  • Sunday, October 14- Stir fry
  • Monday, October 15- Chicken noodle soup
  • Tuesday, October 16- IP Stroganoff (pg 54)
  • Wednesday, October 17- Leftovers or sandwich (church night)
  • Thursday, October 18- IP Meatloaf (of 49)
  • Friday, October 19- Finger foods
  • Saturday, October 20- IP chicken legs (pg 72), steamed broccoli, and homemade bread


  • Tear and bag lettuce
  • Cut veggies for salads
  • Veggie tray
  • Cut up cabbage


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