Feeling Refreshed

Feeling refreshed

This week was everything that I needed that I didn’t realize I needed.

I made some closer connections to friends here at camp and that was the most important part for me.  My heart is full.

Another important part was being refreshed by being outside for 5 days.  I was able to not over-think for 5 days.  I prayed a lot.  Praised a lot.

I spent time with my family and talked about our values and how we can serve others with our gifts.

We made amazing memories that will last forever.

We got to camp (“glamp”) and enjoy amazing facilities.

We ate well for every meal.  We had lots of coffee and I found a new way to drink it that I love (raw honey, cream or half and half, and cinnamon).  I also drank lots and lots of water which is a challenge for me typically.

We took lots of pictures to advertise the family camp that we’re wanting to start (the whole point of this trip).  And I just took lots of pictures with my iPhone.

We were away from social media and internet which was so refreshing.

It was cold and cool the whole time and I was surprised to sleep well despite that (I don’t usually sleep well in cold).  It was nice to have a break from the 100 degree temps.

I got to hold and cuddle a baby a lot :-).

We played some fun games.  The kids got to hike, fish, mountain bike, and rappel (pics coming… I don’t have any but a friend does).

I’m just so so thankful.

Here are some pics of the week:

Pizza in Eldorado, near my in-laws in New Mexico

Crested Butte, an amazing town

Scenery at our campsite

Our facilities

Random pics

Some posed pics for advertising

Family pic right before we left 🙂

Family pic

Now I’m happy to be getting back to routine.  My makeup business, cleaning the house, laundry routines, baking, meal planning, etc.

Tomorrow I have an interview for a kindergarten teaching position!  I’m so hopeful about it!  For the first time ever really I feel that I can be confident in who I am and in my ability as a teacher and friend.  I can’t wait to go into the interview sharing about my desire and ability to help kids be the best that they can be!

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