Busy, Amazing Summer!

Whew.  Life has been so so busy lately and I’m just not used to it.  When the kids were in school, I was home alone all the time.  It was always quiet except for some music playing.  The house stayed clean.  I had lots of time to work my business and I did a great job.

This has not been the case this summer.

Just an example of my summer so far…

This past week I worked Monday-Wednesday in the camp store and coffee shop (4-7, so not too bad).  The kids help a lot with this!  It’s been so great for them and me.

Thursday was Ethan’s birthday and we started it with Poetry Teatime.  We did this when we were homeschooling and they were so excited to bring it back!!  I hope to do this once a week, but with our crazy schedule, we’ll just have to see what happens!

Poetry Teatime

I had a sort of rest day Thursday but it was mostly spent cleaning.  I also took a wonderful nap!  The kids were out playing with friends for hours and it was a great break.  I had my 12 step meeting Thursday night.  I didn’t get much sleep Thursday night because when I’m out somewhat late I have a hard time falling asleep.

Friday the boys and their friend and I left at 10:00am for town and didn’t get home till 8:00pm.  We went to Chick-Fil-A, Goodwill, Walmart so that Ethan could spend his birthday money (and to kill time), a movie (Solo!), gas, Walmart again for groceries (this was ROUGH with the boys), Sonic for drinks, and home.  I was WORN OUT and frazzled by the end of the day.

I couldn’t sleep that night because Levi was in and out of my bed (long story).  Then Saturday we had 2 extra boys staying with us.  It was fine, just a little crazy :-).  Same for Sunday.  My kiddos enjoyed having friends over, but by the end they are tired of each other.  Haha.

Then Sunday evening my parents came and we had food (grilled and hot dogs over the fire for the kids), s’mores, cake, etc.  This was to celebrate Ethan’s birthday with them AND to celebrate Father’s Day.

All of these things are GOOD.  I’m so thankful for a full life, the opportunity to make some cash, the 12 step meeting, friends that trust me with their kids, food to eat, family, feeling pretty good mentally, etc!  I’m just tired :-).  I’m super tired all the time as it is so extra craziness makes me more tired!  I’ll be okay, though.  I feel like it’s worth it!  I am getting blood work done on Friday so I will have some more answers hopefully!  If not, I guess I really need to focus on lifestyle changes.

This week we will have some rest time.  I am only officially working one day because she has her full retail staff this week; though, she said we could come to the coffee shop if we want more hours.  So I will probably do that at least one day.  I need the cash for the Younique Convention things (dress, hotel, spending money, etc).  Speaking of… here’s the dress that I chose for the convention!  I’m so so excited about it!  I already have the lipstick and eye shadow picked out for it!

Convention dress

With all of this, my Younique business has sort of fallen to the side.  I don’t want this!  I did sell some Kudos the other day, but it’s not enough to get me to my goals.  So I hope to focus on my business this week!  We have some amazing things going on including double party points (so you only have to sell/buy $100 to get y-cash and half off credit).  Also our Kudos is amazing!  You get an eye shadow palette of your choice, a lip stain of your choice, and you get a free eye liner brush and makeup bag. All of this is only $69!  If you choose a mascara and additional eye brush, you can earn y-cash! Win/win!  If you need help picking out a lip stain to go with your palette, I can help with that!  I have enjoyed doing that for others!

We also have an amazing limited edition collection called the “Beachfront Kissed” collection.  It has lip oil, shimmery body oil, gold highlight, liquid eye shadow (these are gorgeous!), and an amazing gold clutch.  I won’t be able to buy this collection, but I wanted to share because others may be interested!!  You can also buy these items separately if you want!

Either Tuesday or Wednesday night we will be having some summer staff over for dinner, so that’ll be fun and busy :-).  I have also been feeding my community group once a week (5 girls).  Again, all fun stuff!!  I’m thankful for these opportunities!

Community group

We had lots of fruit with cream cheese fruit dip (amazing!), sausage, and french toast casserole (I forgot to take a pic of it!).

I’m trying to read more, and it just hasn’t happened since I finished Girl, Wash Your Face.  I plan to read The Whole-Brain Child and Everybody Always (by Bob Goff) next.

A few random things… I got ordered 3 stickers from the company called Scenic States and I received 9!!  I don’t know if it was an accident or intentional, but it made me super happy!  We are sticker happy in this family!  I have them on every car, on my Happy Planner, and all over my computer.  And not pictured, I have them all over my favorite stainless steel cup and my water bottle.  Haha.  Stickers make life more fun!

Saturday night the camp did something called “Fresh and Fizzy.”  This included an amazing pasta salad bar and fizzy drinks (sodas and sparkling water).  This made me want to do this meal at home!

Pasta salad bar

Like I said, life is good and full.  I’m thankful to be feeling well mentally.  I’m working on feeling good physically.  One positive habit at a time.  It’s a ssslllooowwww process. It’s supposed to feel too easy.

Somehow I’m trying to fit in movement such as walking and hiking and the only movement that has been happening is walking to and from things around here at camp.  I mean, I have a very small goal right now so it’s “good enough,” but I want to hike more!  It’s just hard to do with kids at home, especially since they have to be home alone while I’m working already, so I don’t want them to be home alone anymore!

And on a final note, I’m super excited about some trips that are coming up!

Our family is going to Colorado at the end of July with 3 other families here at camp (the trip officially starts on my birthday!). It’s a piloting trip and a photo op, etc for a possible wilderness family camp!  We just want to see how it would go and also get lots of pics of things.  It’s basically “glamping” because we will have camping shower, camping toilet, large tents, a table (that Robert is currently building out of cedar), etc.

Convention is August 9th-12th.  My mom and dad will be watching the kids because it’s Robert’s on call weekend.

We hope to go to the Gila (pronounced HEELA) wilderness in August, but we’ll see.  We want a more wilderness trip because the Colorado trip isn’t so much.  I’m just not sure if I’ll be able to handle more traveling.  I mean, I’m already kind of ready for routine again!  Haha.  And we have a few more months!

Anyway… I feel like this post is dragging on and on.  The goal of it was a “mind dump.”  I needed to get it all out.

If you made it this far, thank you!  I hope your summer is going well!


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