A Boy and His Beary

Today was a fantastic day. I had coffee with a good friend, I hosted Bible study, Robert and I had a great late lunch, and the day ended around our table eating amazing food talking with new friends about God and His plans. It was so neat to see how God brought us to where we are, and I love sharing our story. The kids all played and had so much fun (lots of kids in our small house, and it was fun and energetic!). Sadly it all ended by Ethan shrieking and running in the kitchen with his Beary who was covered in bright res lipstick 💄. He was devastated. Beary has been with him since he was born, through the good and the bad. He cuddles her most nights, especially when he’s really struggling with something. I frantically asked around about the best way to get lipstick out of a stuffed animal and my friend told me 409. Then I had to find some (we are far from town and I wanted to try something tonight). I found some and Robert soaked her with it. I then threw her in the washer on hot. Unfortunately the lipstick didn’t come out completely, but she’s better than she was. I reminded him tonight that even though she won’t look the same, she will feel the same and that’s all that matters. He then fell asleep pretty easily because by this point it was way past his bedtime. We also determined that Levi and his sweet friend just wanted to make a “scary scene” and didn’t realize it wasn’t washable. They both felt real bad (Levi was crying a lot). I’m super sad that the boy that Beary belongs to will be 10 in 4 months. This having growing kids is so hard.

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