Pursuing What Sets My Soul on Fire (Jesus)

Being in a constant state of worship and adoration, service, gratitude, prayer, and confession are what set my heart on fire. Unfortunately my life has been just one struggle after another and my spirit has gotten lost in all of it.  Last night, as I lay awake yet again not able to sleep, I came across this meme (above).  I also saw that a couple of friends of mine were taking a break from Facebook and Instagram for Lent.  I began to spend time in prayer about it and seeking God’s will in this.  I have known for a very long time that Facebook and Instagram have really affected my life, but I have felt powerless to do anything about it.  Last night I felt the Holy Spirit give me the power to say “enough” to social media and give me the desire to take the step to leave it behind for Lent.  I want this 40 days to be a sweet time of surrender to Jesus and for His Holy Spirit to breathe into me a renewed sense of desire to love and serve Him and others.  I want this to be my #1 passion!  Right now my #1 passion is perfectionism.  Not Jesus or people.  But the desire to have everything put all together which means that I am allowing other important things to fall to the side.

It’s funny because I’ve already noticed how reliant I have been on social media.  I took some pictures today in expectation of posting them.  It wasn’t an option.  When I’ve gone through my day I have thought about posting this status or that picture or that meme and it hasn’t been an option.  It’s so funny how much my life has been ruled by social media!

Now.  I will still blog.  This has actually been something I have wanted to grow in but sit down to write and get distracted by Facebook.  I completely forget what I was planning to write about, and I can’t concentrate on it anymore.  Blogging is my outlet, and it helps my mental health.

I am doing a Lent study through She Reads Truth and it’s on the book of Exodus.  I thought that was an interesting choice of books, but I am excited to see how God teaches me about Himself through it.  And I love the devotionals that go with it.

I’ve done some brainstorming and the posts that are coming up are (not in any order):

  • My Story (this will be a several part series)
  • Recipes: Carnitas (Instant pot), pulled pork (IP), Pizza Casserole, whole wheat drop biscuits, roasted veggies, Italian pasta (IP), sausage/zucchini/potato soup (IP), and more!
  • How I meal plan and grocery shop
  • Living frugally
  • Camp life
  • My daily organization plan (and the kids’ daily checklist)
  • How I keep a clean house and why
  • Books that I’m reading along with reviews (I hope to spend a lot more time reading without Facebook!)
  • My favorite things
  • Lots of pictures!
  • My hikes and reflection through them
  • My struggles (with mental illness, addiction, grief, and more)
  • Counseling
  • What I’m learning through Bible study, prayer, and worship
  • Intuitive eating and joyful exercise
  • Balance
  • Gratitude
  • Self love and self care
  • Whatever is on my mind that needs to come out :-).

I hope you stick around!  I’m going to try to write most days, but it may be several times a week.  Some days will be busy!

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