How I Started the New Year

Because of an emergency, I watched 7-10 kids Sunday night through Monday night (well we went to my neighbor’s house in the evening).  I also had a sore throat, had very little voice, and hadn’t been sleeping well.  I decided Monday that I should get up and get moving and I got a LOT done!  And now I feel good for being so productive.

The kids watched lots of movies, played the Wii, did science experiments, made some things in the kitchen, had Nerf wars, cleaned up several times, and fought a lot (ha!).

I’m thrilled to have started the year off being so productive. I organized our food, cleaned the fridge (it was gross!), put veggies in my veggie tray, and cleaned the living area. Then I did some cleaning at my neighbor’s house.

Here are some pics of what I have gotten done:

The living room is currently a mess because we are half way through taking down Christmas stuff. This is late for us to be taking it down but Robert has been so busy.

The next projects on my list are to go through Karis’ room and throw away a lot of junk, organize the craft room closet, and work on the boys’ room yet again. Luckily our room is pretty clean! I’m also thinking about creating a workout space in our garage. We’ll see.

Tomorrow I’m meeting with my new friend that I’m starting AA with in Rocksprings. We’re going to iron out the procedures and how we will run the meeting. I’m looking forward to it. Our first meeting is Tuesday at noon! We will also have meetings on Thursday evening. I keep praying about this because I really want it to happen.

Anyway, I hope your New Years was great. I know that for us, we’re praising God that we are all still alive and kicking. Our friends could have very easily died in a car accident (they rolled their Excursion 4-5 times) on Sunday but they didn’t. They are bruised and cut up as well as having some broken bones. But they are alive.

Please be in prayer for our friends (the Lyons) and for Tiffany and I as we attempt to start a new AA meeting.

Thank you!

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