Karis Turns 11!

My oldest child, Karis, turns 11 today.  I can hardly believe that I have a pre-teen.  She has grown up so much this year, yet she still has some child left in her.  Being in school has helped her to learn how to act more her age.  She has been going through some hormonal changes, and we are preparing for puberty now.  She will be going to 6th grade in the fall.  I can hardly believe that I will have a child in junior high (our junior high is 6th-8th grades).

Here are some pictures of her as a newborn through a few days ago!  She looks so different, even from a few years ago.  She plans to grow her hair back out because she likes it better, and I think it’s a better look for her as well.


8 months

1 year

2 years (and she was smaller than her baby brother!)

3 years

4 years

5 years

7 years

9 years (I miss homeschooling!)

10 years (this is her worshipping at family camp)

Last Saturday!

I’m so thankful for her loving heart, sweet spirit, joyfulness, creativity, love for reading, intelligence, care and concern for others, love for the outdoors, and her love for Jesus.

I look forward to seeing how much she grows this year!

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