Forming Healthy, Long-term Habits


I have tried so many diets and ways of eating that I have lost track.  And here I am, at my highest weight and biggest size.  I know how to eat healthy, I just don’t do it consistently.  I also have rarely been consistent with exercise!  It’s all because I haven’t formed habits… I just tried an all or nothing approach.

Yesterday I stumbled across a Facebook group called Healthy Habits Happy Moms.

I’ve been lurking in the group today… watching videos, reading posts, reading comments, etc.

They are NOT an anti-weight loss group.  Weight loss CAN be healthy.  But what they ARE is an anti-diet and anti-extreme exercise group.  They focus on loving your body the way it is.  They focus on self care.  Everything that I’ve been trying to find in one place.

They talk about how it’s healthy to allow yourself to eat “non-healthy” foods in moderation.  Having some chocolate, cake, cookies, etc is not a bad thing.  It can be a good thing!  They are not anti-sugar or carbs or fat.  They feel that all of those fit into a balanced diet.

Their website Healthy Habits Happy Moms says, “We are not about strict meal plans, good and bad food lists, or nutrition and workout dogma.”

This website and Facebook group is a breath of fresh air for me.  For someone who has been struggling with these areas for years, I feel like I might be able to be successful.

A few things that are important: 1) Focusing on a few new habits at a time instead of an all or nothing approach, 2) short, daily exercise, and 3) focusing on self care.

I purchased their HHHM Strength Circuits exercises ($22).

There are 6, 10 minute or less workouts and 5, 20 minute or less workouts.  There is a warm up exercise and a workout calendar included.  The calendar has 3 of the circuit workouts, cardio, recovery, and rest days included.

The new habits that I’m going to start (now) are: 1) Drinking half my body weight in water a day (reducing my Coke Zero intake… shooting for stopping completely over time), 2)  Drinking hot tea and raw honey at night instead of decaf coffee with sugar and flavored creamer, and 3) Working out, starting with 3 days a week, then increasing each week until I work out 6 days a week.

I will continue eating the healthy way I know to eat, allowing myself some “unhealthy” foods some, too.  I will continue taking my supplements (raw whole foods vitamin, cod liver oil, and B12).

I’m super excited and at peace in an area that has been bringing me so much turmoil for years.

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