I’m Home!

I came home Wednesday (11/9).  It was such a glorious day!  Robert and I went to Kerrville to get my meds, had brunch at Denny’s (pumpkin cream pancakes, eggs, bacon, and hash browns), got a Starbucks drink (Chestnut Praline!), went to meet the kids’ teachers (that went really well!), came home for a while, then picked up the kids from the bus.

Yesterday (Thursday 11/10) was kind of rough, but I made it.  I went to an AA meeting in town and it was terrible.  No one under the age of 60.  One guy was rude and grumpy the whole time… he left when another man said he hasn’t had the desire to drink in 17 years.  The rest of the people were very sweet and welcoming, but I need a group with all ages.  Monday I’m going to a woman’s AA, so that should be good.  I’ve heard great things about it!

After AA, I went to meet with my new sponsor for the first time.  We have talked on the phone, but we had never met.  It was such a great meeting.  I felt connected with her immediately!  She has 7 years of sobriety and she’s a counselor!  She’s younger than me, but she has a lot of maturity because of all that she has learned over the years.  She is very knowledgable, and she is a Christ follower, which is HUGE.  I’m looking forward to getting to know her better, and I know that she will be just what I need to help me stay sober… which is obviously the goal!  I texted her last night because it was rough, and she told me to do some step work, which helped a ton!

On my way home I picked up the kids.  I immediately felt stress when Karis told me she had to do a project all in one evening.

We got home and I went through the boys’ binders… Levi has failed several math pages (because he wasn’t paying attention… he knows how to subtract!) and Karis has failed a math page.  The kids were all stressed out.  Ethan had a meltdown while doing his homework.

Robert came home and did an AWESOME job helping all of them calm down.  But at that point I was already super stressed.

The kids finished their homework (late) and we had yummy hamburgers that Robert grilled.  The kids went to bed early (about 7:45) and Robert let me take a bath.  It was great to help me calm down.

Like I said before, I had texted my sponsor and she told me to do some step work.  So I read about step 3 again.  It’s all about giving over my will and life to the care of God.  I read the third step prayer.  And I prayed specifically.  It was a great reminder that God is in control, and He cares for me.  He will take care of everything if I just surrender it all to Him!  Of course that’s easier said than done… but I have to practice it every day!

Finishing the day reading the Big Book and praying was what I needed to be reminded why it’s so important to surrender when I’m really stressed/anxious.  It worked!  I slept great.  I didn’t wake up till Robert’s alarm went off this morning!

We got up and got the kids ready for school.  They had plenty of time today so it didn’t feel rushed.  We listen to classical Christmas music, have yummy smelling candles lit, and I drink pumpkin/pecan coffee.  It’s a great way to stay the day.  Relaxed.  The kids left for school in a great mood!

This morning they have a Veteran’s Day program at 10, then they will be coming home early at 1:00 because the football team has a playoff game in Cedar Park (near Austin).  In the future, we’ll probably be going to those games.  Karis will most likely be in band!  She has chosen to play the flute like her mama!  She has already started because they have band in fifth grade!  Ethan may play football… but he says he wants to play baseball.  We’ll see!  I’m so happy that the kids have more opportunities now that they are going to school.  It makes the hard days more worth it.

Tonight we are going to watch movies, have stove popped popcorn, and eat in the dining hall (no cooking or clean up!).  I’m so excited that they won’t have homework! Their old school had weekend homework.  This experience is much better.

Overall, I’m getting used to life on the outside of La Hacienda, and it is going well!  I had a rough evening, but those will happen.  I just need to cope with it in the moment and figure out how to make it better next time.  I am figuring this all out!


So happy to be out!


Pumpkin cream pancakes at Denny’s




Karis and her flute!


Build your own pizzas for dinner!


Our new read-aloud as we get ready for Thanksgiving!


Playing a game with my hubby on my first night home.


Robert has taken over my meal planning.  This whole month has been mostly using what we have at home (plus some fresh veggies, etc).  He’s rocking this frugal thing!  And mostly healthy :-).



I’m excited to have a new day!  God’s mercies are new every morning!  Have a great Friday!

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