Hardened Heart


I was going to write out an elaborate blog post about how I have realized that my heart has been hardened and it has caused a strain relationship with my Savior; I decided, though, that my prayer to Him this morning was sufficient.  I know I’m not the only one that has been in this place.  He loves you.  He wants an intimate relationship with you.


As I listened to some amazing women tell their story last night, I came to some conclusions about myself.  I have a very strained relationship with You.  My heart is hardened right now and I don’t want it to be anymore.  As you know, I just don’t understand why you allow some things, so I have had a very distant relationship with you.  I am so tired of being sick.  I don’t understand why you have made me the way you have.  I don’t understand why I have to struggle with anxiety and depression.  Some days are really hard.

I don’t spend time with you like I used to.  I don’t pray often.  I don’t read your word like I have in the past.  I feel so disconnected. I hate this feeling, and I want it to change.  How can it change?  I know spending time with you is #1.  But what else can I do?

Jesus, I ask with all that is with-in me, please let my new medication work.  I pray that it puts me in remission for good.  I pray that it will do what the doctors think it will do and that I’ll feel good and have normal days without depression and anxiety.  I desire so much to be able to serve my family and those around me.  I want to stop focusing on myself and the illness that I struggle with minute by minute.  I desire for life to be more than just pushing myself to get through depression and anxiety every day.  I want to thrive and not just survive.

Please soften my heart.  Please come close and have an intimate relationship with me again.  I know you’re there.  I know you want to be close to me again.  I know that it is possible.  I know that part of it is that I have to lay down my questions and concerns and trust that you have a plan.  I pray that you are glorified through me, my mess and all.

In Jesus’ name I pray,

If you’re in a dark season, watch this video.  There’s hope for a new season full of beautiful blooms.

One thought

  1. I feel compelled to respond. There is hope, never give up hope. I suffered with depression for over thirty years, I found God 15 years ago, he healed me of breast cancer, and last month he took the depression from me, I almost said “my” depression, please never say that because it is not mine or yours. I was listening to Rick Warren and he was talking about how I was put on this earth to love God, he loves me, Jesus calls me sister! I knew God loved me, but at that moment I realized I wasnt loving myself. I can’t explain it, something just clicked. And the next morning I woke up and wondered where that feeling of free was, and I was feeling excited to face the day. Of course Satan tried to say I wasn’t healed, and I fight that every day. Please don’t give up! I thank god for my kids because I believe they kept me alive. God heals! Keep saying God loves me and I can trust him, keep repeating it. God bless you!

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