I feel like posts are few and far between these days.  To be honest, while I have a lot going on, most of it is either not post worthy, or it would be sharing too much to write about it.

I have struggled for years with my boundaries in blogging, and I find that my boundaries are tighter now than they used to be.

I have always loved being open, honest, and real, but there comes a point in which sharing too much can be a problem for me.

Often times when I share on Facebook, I end up deleting the link.

I realize and recognize that there are so many that need to hear what I have to say about life, mental health, and everything in between… but it sometimes really takes a toll on me emotionally.  Just because someone needs to hear it doesn’t mean I need to be the person to share it.

I have come a long way in so many areas, but there are still many areas in which I struggle (because, well, I’m human), and I’m not sure if I need that plastered all over the internet.

There are just some things that need to be saved to be shared with close friends and family, you know?

I’ve loved sharing over the years and I’m not done sharing, but I am coming to a point in which I feel not every-thing needs to be shared.  I’m finding that it’s time to stop crossing my own boundaries and be okay with that.

There is so much freedom in this realization.

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