What do you do?

As a mom, I find myself so much of the time thinking about what I don’t do for my kids.

I don’t always read the Bible to them.

I’m not as consistent with routines as I would like to be.

I could read to them/with them more.

I don’t work with them enough… being a teacher, I know what they need but I don’t always do it.

We don’t do enough fun activities.

We should ride bikes more.


I sometimes forget to make sure they brushed their teeth.

I’m not as consistent with healthy eating as I would like to be.

This list could go on and on…

Do you hear the unhealthy words here??  Don’t, should, not…

Instead, think… what do you do??  What good things do you do with/for your kids?  So you’re not perfect, but you’re the best mama for your kids.  God allowed them to be in YOUR care, not the care of another mama.  He knows what’s best for them, and chances are, it’s what you’re doing!

I’ll start.  Here goes.

I make healthy lunches for my kids

When I have Levi alone every Monday, we go to the library and do fun preschool activities.


I sing Ethan to sleep (maybe not every night, but oh well!).

Karis has read 5 chapter books in about 2 weeks.  We’re in a reading race (and she’s winning for the record).

I remember to make sure the kids brush their teeth every morning most mornings (not always at night, but mornings are the most important, right?).

I let the kids help me plant a garden because they really wanted to help despite the fact that it was more complicated that way ;-).


I’m becoming more consistent with working with the kids and reading to/with them (becoming more consistent is better than nothing!).

The kids play outside almost every day (as long as the weather is good!) instead of watching T.V. movies.  And there are times when we sit inside and watch T.V./movies, and that’s okay too!

Karis is inspired whenever I draw something, and she decides to draw and use charcoal like mama.



Enjoy being mama and focus on what you do right with your babies.  I promise it’ll help you to focus in on the good moments better!

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