My Identity


Yes, I realize I am blogging a lot right now, but God is doing a work in me this morning that I want to share.

It’s so, so easy to allow my identity to be in my struggle, and not in who He has created me to be.  

So what if I have anxiety that leads to depression?  That’s not truth, and that’s not who I am.  

I am a daughter of the Creator of the universe.  I am a child of the One who is slow to anger, rich in love, gracious, compassionate, mighty, glorious, majestic, everlasting, faithful to His promises, good, sustaining, counselor, comforter, deliverer, healer, provider, sustainer, rescuer, merciful… I could go on and on.

My identity is not in my anxiety, or in my depression, or in my perfectionism… those are just things that I struggle with.  We all have struggles.  It would be easy for us to all be so focused on our struggles that we forget who we really are and who God is.  

Who has He created me to be?  Victorious through the struggle.  To give glory to Him in the good days and bad.  To love others the way He loves us.  He created me to love His creation- to have the need to be outdoors.  That’s where I find peace much of the time. His creation is beautiful and a reflection of Himself.  Who wouldn’t find peace in that?  He has created me to love my family and serve them to the best of my ability.  Some days this is easier than others, but ultimately, I have joy in serving them.  He has created me to teach… though right now is just not the right time.  He has given me a passion and a calling, but I have to trust His plan.  He knew this hard time would come in my life, and He is giving me what I need in the midst of it… even on those days when I feel like I can’t continue this way, He gives me what I need.  

He has a plan for all of this for His glory, not mine.  It’s all about Him anyway.  My identity is in Him, not things of this world.  

Today, I will enjoy His creation by going for a run and getting exercise.  Then I will serve Him by serving my family.  I will choose to not focus on the struggles, but on what He has called me to right now, today.  

After all, all I can do is take it one day at a time anyway.  

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